Advanced PhotoshopCover and tutorial
Star shardsA series of book covers
Noir CoversMagazine covers for monthly events
DJ HardwellKey artwork and branding for the worlds biggest DJ

Aeiko - The work of Pete Harrison

Welcome to my online portfolio, I am a freelance designer and illustrator. Take a browse around and get in touch if you think you have a project that could use my design skills, i'd love to hear from you.

Selected Projects


I have worked with many brands and agencies, here are a select few. View my whole client list here


View more testimonials on the profile page here
  • Pete with his rich experience and skills is a perfect person for you to work with. His Professional attitude and approach to design always brings a great results. I can definitely recommend him as a contractor or employee.
  • I am always apprehensive when working with "big" designers as they are often stereotyped before hiring them. So I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to find out that Pete was a caring, thoughtful and innovative creative who thoroughly deserves the reputation he has in the creative world. We at DAHRA found him a pleasure to work, not only because he offered a stunning visual, but because of the impressive conceptualisation and integrity he offered.
  • Pete Harrison never ceases to amaze and bewilder with his work. Through a variety of digital media, Harrison has consistently been pushing the envelope and has been a forerunner of many of the popular styles prevalent today in fashion advertising. Always at the cutting edge of what's new and hot, Harrison has not only excelled at bringing spectacular results to his clients, but he has tirelessly built the foundations for several promising companies on the side.

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