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I started Funkrush by myself around 6 years ago, I knew a lot of designers and illustrators at the time and was immersed in the illustration culture, collecting vinyl toys, prints, collecting doodles, stickering, graffiti and fashion. I had an idea to start a clothing company and commissioned my friends to make designs for me, I launched with about 10 tshirts. It was always run as a hobby for me, I never knew much about business, marketing etc..but my following was growing online and I loved sharing the new designs with people, it became a sort of Alladin’s cave, people would stumble across it and tell their friends.

In 2012 Funkrush had grown to feature over 100 designs by some of the best illustrators in the world, and has been delivering urban street wear clothing to customers both locally and internationally ever since I started. Everything from tshirts, hoodies, socks, prints, toys and other accessories. I dont run the company anymore but still remain as creative director, its been a fun and exciting journey! The new website will be launched 2016 and we are beginning to push retail channels now alongside our online presence, and since the business grew I decided it was time to get a decent business insurance from Insurance Partnership



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I also started this project in 2005, a friend and I made a couple of desktop wallpapers that were nature inspired and we shared them, they became popular so I asked a few other designer friends to make a few more and I knocked up a website to showcase them, I called the project Desktopography and in 2006 I got a few more people on board and we did another release. By 2007 it has grown immensely, featuring on the front page of digg, taking down 2 servers, it had a lot of attention, and all thanks to one of the top digital agencies in the world to help it get out there and seen. The project is still going and each exhibition features some amazing designers, and brilliant artwork, it is one of the main nature wallpaper websites on the internet and very popular amongst the creative industry.

The premise is that designers and developers spend about 90% of their waking life in front of a computer so the most appealing genre for a wallpaper would be one that has beautiful design mixed with the all important aspect of being outdoors. The project is still very popular and I still curate and organise it, we even released a few ambient music albums and I am looking to publish a book soon too about it, make sure to check it out and go and refresh your desktop!