I developed the alias ‘aeiko’ back in around 2005. It is pronounced Eye-Ko and I have been freelancing and using it as my online identity ever since. Here you can see a brief history of the old version’s of my website and other bits and bobs. I will gradually expand this section to feature some old work and the progression of my style.Aeiko v1

This was the first version of my website, it was flash and very minimal, you just click on squares and it loaded up images into the main area, basic info and I also included an ambient soundtrack It also included my other passions at the time such as photography.


Aeiko v2

I introduced a splash screen and converted back to a html version of the site where images just showed up as thumbnails with options to buy prints too. It was also around this time I started winning awards for my work, I was recognised as one in ten creatives in 2006 to look out for by Computer arts, and a lot of my work was still quite abstract, a few examples below.







Aeiko v3

Changed the colour and made myself some kind of logo, this was a flash website in the form of a book, you had to turn the pages with the mouse to reveal more artwork and information, it was a fun design and around this time I started introducing fashion and the human form into my work, also started playing around with light effects.




Aeiko v4

I was pretty proud of this website, it was all flash again but I did some cool animations that blended really smoothly with the content. I had joined the KDU and Depthcore and was collaborating on a lot of projects and artwork. I was living in London at around this time and working fulltime as a designer in a studio. Around these years I got a lot of attention from books and magazines and publicity started to grow, doing my first magazine cover too for Photoshop creative (issue 2!)


11 12 13 14


Aeiko v5

Version 5 was really just a temporary showcase while I worked on v6, which was a large project. My work was changing slightly but I got into typography more and had bunch of client work under my belt.


Aeiko v6

This was the big one, and this is when I really got noticed, I developed a really nice flash site which won a lot of awards, including the may1streboot and I won free hosting for life from Mediatemple (which im still using!) It has effects and audio etc.. My work was developing too, I was being commissioned a lot for this light effects style I was becoming known for and developed some popular tutorials.





Aeiko v6.5 (unreleased)

A flash site I made but never released, I changed my mind and decided I wanted a html site again, many people were turning away from flash at this point.


Aeiko v7

I actually was really busy so hired a development company to make it all work, while I just concentrated on the design, changed my logo for this one too, it was a font called ‘aiko’ so I felt like I had to use it, and then I customised it to form the logotype, pretty straight forward site, it did the job and featured nice big images so people could see my work better. I also managed to get my logo and face on the front cover of CAP & Design magazine which they asked me to design, using the v7 logo as inspiration for the headers.





Aeiko v8

I was using behance a lot too share my work, and they launched prosite, using your behance projects as content for the site, since im not much of a developer it was easy to use and customise the design elements, new logo too and I kept it quite minimal with orange/grey colour scheme. It also got published in a few web design books!





Aeiko v9

Again this was a behance prosite customisation, I think I went even more minimal on this one, simple dark background and let my work speak for itself, mainly focused on the work with a few other pages for info and details.




Aeiko v10

This is my first dabble into wordpress, I customised a theme and made it fit my site how I wanted it too, I am not a developer by any means so using wordpress was easy and I liked the customisation options, I stuck with wordpress for version 11 also.


Logo development

Always interested in developing my identity I have gone through quite a few logotypes in my creative career, the first one stuck around a good few years, then got into the habit of changing it everytime I released a new website since that wasnt very often. I think with this site I have gone back to my minimal roots in terms of my logotype